what can you expect on your first sunday?

Come as you are. We're not trying to impress anyone and you don't have to either. 

We have Guest Parking and Handicap Parking near the entrance specially reserved for you. (We're brand new though, so pretty much everyone is a guest.) The only entrance for Real Life Sango is the main entrance into Carmel Elementary School. Small directional signs will lead you right to the front door.

The Worship Gathering begins at 9am (beginning October 6th it will be 8:45am & 10:30am,) but come make new friends and enjoy a cup of hot or ice coffee beginning at 8:30am in the Lobby. We're excited to treat everyone to locally roasted Plumbline Coffee every Sunday! 

We have fun and enriching Real Life Babies-PreKReal Life Kids (K-5th Grade) experiences prepared for your children. Because we are serious about security, there is a Check-In system for children and parents. Your first two times checking-in may take a few minutes–then all of your future check-ins will take only a couple of seconds. If you have any little people to check-in you’ll definitely want to arrive at 8:30am to ensure that your whole family has an enjoyable day at Real Life.

The Worship Gathering will last around 75 minutes — with singing, prayer, readings, and preaching from our Pastor. Toward the back of the worship center, you'll find two prayer stations, each with a couple of caring individuals who are available to pray with you anytime during or after the worship gathering if you desire. 

Immediately following the worship gathering, we invite you to attend the 7 Minute Party. The 7 Minute Party is for everyone new to Real Life Sango or for those interested in their next steps at Real Life Sango. We want to say hello, give you a gift and tell you a little more about us - all in just 7 minutes!

The below video of our Preview Service will give you a little look into what you'll likely experience on Your First Sunday. 

Real Life Sango meets in Carmel Elementary School @ 9am

4925 Sango Road, Clarksville, TN 37043