Community Groups are a central aspect of our church culture and focus on our core value of Truth in Relationships. Our goal is for every individual and family at Real Life Sango to get plugged in to a Community Group!  These weekly meetings will help you dive into relationship with your church family and grow in your walk with Christ.  Through Community Groups, we see strangers becoming friends and friends becoming a church family.

You can sign up for a group by stopping by the Community Groups table on Sunday morning, or follow the link below to register for a group today.

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  1. Sunday // 5pm - 7pm
    Led & Hosted by Freddy T. & Susan Wyatt

  2. Sunday // 5pm - 7pm
    Led by Tanya White
    Hosted by Tony & Misty Frazier

  3. Monday // 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    Led by Chuck & Sherry Culwell
    Hosted by Derek & Cheryl Noe

  4. Monday // 6pm - 8pm
    Led by Brad & Kyla Boyd
    Hosted by Antonio & Dava Murgas

  5. Tuesday // 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    Led by Joseph & Landon Glorioso
    Hosted by Danny & Lauren Walls

  6. Tuesday // 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    Led by Paul & Jesse Boney
    Hosted by Nathan & Carolyn Maynard

  7. Tuesday // 2pm - 4pm
    Led by Carl & Sue Wall
    Hosted by Hank & Marilyn Darke

  8. Tuesday // 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    Led & Hosted by Scott & Diana Samuels

  9. Wednesday // 6pm - 8pm
    Led & Hosted by Glen & Jennifer Fox

  10. Wednesday // 6pm - 8pm
    Led & Hosted by Bubba & Kristi Cherry

  11. Wednesday // 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    Led by Tyrel & Leann Gaasch
    Hosted by Jeff & Melisse Williams

  12. Wednesday // 6pm - 8pm
    Led by Lex & Shelley Reed
    Hosted by Will & Tami Erikson

What are Community Groups?

Groups meet weekly in church member’s homes to share life and discuss Pastor Freddy T.’s sermon from the previous Sunday.  We try to keep them limited to about 12-20 people, depending on location.  The 2-hour meeting is divided evenly between fellowship time, sermon discussion and prayer.  Community Groups follow the school calendar and meet weekly from September to May.  We try to provide several options based on time and location, so you can easily find a group that fits your schedule.  

How do I find the right group for me?

You can select a group by simply finding a time and location that works for you!  Our groups are not based on demographics in order reflect the diverse nature of our church family and the body of Christ as a whole.  We know you’ll be blessed by walking alongside group members young and old, single and married, parents or not. When groups are meeting during the school year, you can sign up by clicking the button at the bottom of this page or by visiting the Community Groups table on Sunday mornings.

Can my children join?

Of Course!  We never want childcare to prevent anyone from participating in Community Groups, so Real Life pays a qualified and background checked childcare worker to hang out with the kids during the meeting time.  Most host homes will have a bonus room or basement for the kids to hang out in while the adults meet.  Rarely, a host home doesn’t have the extra space for children to join, so if you’re needing a place for your kids, be sure to look for the “Childcare Provided” note under Group Attributes.

I was in a group last year. Do I have to join the same group?

It’s up to you! We just want everyone to participate in a Community Group, so if you enjoyed your experience last year and your previous group is meeting at a time that is convenient for you, then go for it. But if your schedule changed or you just want to try a new experience, you’re welcome to join a new group at launch. We purposely break for the summers and relaunch in the Fall for this reason. It’s a giant reset button for our ministry, and it allows families and individuals to choose the group that works best for them for this school year. Whether you change or stay, it’s a win-win in our book as long as you are plugging in to a group!

How can I help?

We are always looking for host homes and discussion facilitators for our Community Groups.  If you’re interested in serving in this way, please contact our Community Groups Director, Carolyn Maynard (