Why Real Life Sango?

We desire to catalyze a disciple-making movement that begins in Sango and spreads to the ends of the earth. Our prayer is to see thousands of disciples here and around the world aligning their lives with God's purposes and living lives of worship that actually lead to their own flourishing. This is why we are planting Real Life Sango β€” so thousands of families and individuals can flourish to God's glory. Flourishing means a lot of things: families living in harmony, mom's experiencing joy and rest; dads leading their families with love, strength, and gentleness; students launching into the world with wisdom, confidence and real relationships with God that guide them into young adulthood; young professionals growing in friendships, innovating in their work places and walking in integrity and contentment; and every generation serving others, standing for justice, and investing in Jesus' bride, the local church. Flourishing encompasses so much more, but this is a little glimpse. Lives that are flourishing in Jesus bring great glory to God. These kinds of lives display His grandeur and point to His renown. We're dreaming of a global movement but the movement begins in the simple act of helping people discover real life in Jesus. 

You may be thinking, "Okay, so I get the heartbeat of Real Life Sango, but shouldn't we just partner to strengthen the existing churches that already exist in Montgomery County that have that same heartbeat?" It is an honest question that has a good answer.

There are tens of thousands of people in our county that have yet to experience real life in Jesus Christ. Tens of thousands in our county have yet to enjoy the hope that is only found in Jesus. Though the number of Christians in the population at large are growing, the percentage of Christians compared to the population growth is actually in decline. Add to that, the fact that new churches reach more people for Jesus per capita than established churches do, and that churches across the country close their doors at an alarming rate -- planting new churches simply becomes a "no brainer." Our county has many healthy and growing churches. We've been blessed by many of them and pray for their continued fruitfulness. However, if our neighbors, co-workers, and friends throughout Montgomery County are going to come to know Jesus and flourish to God's glory - we need dozens of new churches. We believe in a both/and approach. We want to see established churches increase in fruitfulness AND we want to see new churches multiply across our county and beyond. 

For a more detailed look at why planting new churches is a really good thing, see this widely referenced article by Tim Keller.