This Summer could change your life. Or better stated, God could change your life this Summer.

We're kicking off a sermon series in the Psalms that will run through the end of August, and we are simultaneously inviting our whole church family to read through the whole book of Psalms during their personal time with God this Summer. We believe God will meet us as we read, refresh our souls, and unite us as a church! Psalms is a big book, but before you freak out, think about it this way — if you read just two Psalms a day beginning June 9 you'll have read the whole book by August 22. We've created a reading schedule to keep you on track that has nine catch-up days provided in case you miss a few days. Maybe you've never read an entire book of the Bible. Maybe you've been looking for some good summer reading. Maybe you just became a Christian and you're ready to begin to grow in your new relationship with God. Summer in the Psalms is a perfect way to get going!

We recommend reading the Psalms slowly with a journal and pen in hand so you can capture specific things the Holy Spirit is saying to you. Some helpful questions to ask yourself and possibly even journal while you read are: What do these verses teach me about God the Father? What do these verses teach me about humanity? Is there a sin for me to resist or repent from? Is there a promise for me to trust?

Tune in to our social media platforms for regular encouragement as you dig into the Psalms this summer.