Are you needing a fresh start? A new beginning?

There’s no better time to get back into church or to try one for the first time than the New Year!  


To the family new to Clarksville looking for a church home, to the high capacity leader desiring greater purpose, to the newly married couple in need of mentors, to the family drowning in debt, to the successful businessman looking for greater significance, to the teenager suffering with depression, to the soldier wrestling with PTSD, to the single mom overwhelmed with life, to the husband and wife who need help communicating, to the lonely kid and to the popular kid, to the teenager experimenting with drugs, to the addict, to the suicidal to the skeptic, to those confused about their sexuality or gender, to the saint, to the self-righteous, to the atheist, to the black, to the Asian, to the Latino, and to the white, to the wealthy, to the poor, to the Democrat, and to the Republican, to the powerful, to the marginalized, to the widow and to the widower, we're planting this church for you!

Welcome Home. We launched public worship services on September 9, so everyone is still brand new!

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Keep it real. Keep it Jesus.


At Real Life Sango, we keep it real and we keep it Jesus. We don't have it all together and don't pretend to but Jesus holds the whole universe together so we keep our message focused on Him.

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Your first sunday

We hope you'll make this Sunday your first Sunday. You may be wondering what you can expect on your first day at Real Life Sango.  

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